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This is so given that this is a notional point in chartering terms, this is best described as the Shipper/Receiver arranging for delivery/receival of cargo to/from directly under ships hook and the ship paying for the labour to stow the cargo in the vesse ...

A common measure of ship carrying capacity. The number of tons (2240 lbs.) of cargo, stores and bunkers that a vessel can transport. It is the difference between the number of tons of water a vessel displaces "light" and the number of tons it displaces "w ...

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Tunnel which accommodates pipelines and runs longitudinally alongh the centre line of a ship.

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This refers to shipping documents which are presented to a bank on a collection basis to be passed to the buyer (drawee) when payment is made.

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  • Offshore energy production in the Gulf of Mexico has experienced relatively minor disruptions because of tropical storms and hurricanes in recent years, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted

  • The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced the suspension of the first draft restriction that was scheduled to go into effect September 8, 2015. Although the level of Gatun Lake is

  • Classification society ClassNK has announced that it will release the world’s first Guidelines on Composite Propellers on August 31. The strength and corrosion resistance of composite materials makes them widely used

  • U.S. President Barack Obama travels to Alaska on Monday for a three-day visit meant to spotlight warming temperatures, melting glaciers, rising seas and the need to support a strong climate deal during

  • The increasingly ice-diminished Arctic environment has accelerated interest in, and potential for, new maritime trade routes, merchant transportation, and resource development such as mining, oil & gas exploration, tourism and fishing. The

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