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Sea Words

Charge assessed by a pier or dock owner against freight handled over the pier or dock or against a steamship company using the pier or dock.

A call requesting direction in answer to the report of a lookout that an object has been sighted.

A method of preventing the ends of a line from unlaying or fraying by turns of small stuff, stout twine or seizing wire with the ends tucked.

The white froth on the crests of waves.

The vertical absorption of a liquid into a porous material by capillary forces.

At a considerable distance.

A sprocket wheel on the windlass for taking links of the chain cable.

An anchor engine used for heaving in the chain cable and anchor.

A freight booking made by a skipper or freight forwarder to serve space but not actually having a specific cargo at the time the booking is made. Carriers often overbook a vessel by 10 to 20 percent in recognition that "windy booking" cargo will not act ...

A general handyman in the engine room.

A phrase preceding the signature of a drawer or endorser of a negotiable instrument; signifies that the instrument is passed onto subsequent holders without any liability to the endorser in the event of nonpayment or nondelivery.


Welded Minimum Wall tubing


A pressure rating in psi for valves. W. Water, O. Oil, G. Gas

Is energy in transition and is defined in units of Force times Distance. Work cannot be done unless there is movement.

The normal working pressure for an air motor (6 bar).


Abbreviation for "With Particular Average."


An old three-masted vessel used in the Mediterranean.

An inert gaseous element.