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Sea Words

The value of a shipment agreed upon in order to secure a specific freight rate.

The weight prescribed by agreement between carrier and shipper for goods shipped in certain packages or in a certain number.

Resting on the bottom.

Touching or fast to the bottom.

In the direction of the vessel's head. Wind ahead is from the direction toward which the vessel's head points. In a forward direction.

Seaman's call to attract attention.

A call used in hailing a vessel or boat (hey!).

Moves anchors and tow drilling vessels, lighters and similar.

Combined supply and anchor-handling ship. Seismic ship: Conducts seismic surveys to map geological structures beneath the sea bed.

Lying almost beam on to strong winds and being driven before them while under bare poles (without sails up). The helm is lashed so as to point the vessel into the wind, but it continually falls away because of the pressure of the wind. It is a technique f ...

Any fixed object that a navigator may use to find his position, such as permanent land or sea markers, buoys, radiobeacons, and lighthouses, and to indicate safe and unsafe waters.

Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters.


A colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. A mixture of individual gases. The gaseous mixture surrounding the earth. Standard density of dry air free of carbon dioxide (0

An elastomeric bellow with specially designed metal end closures used in place of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. A device which induces action or motion with compressed air being the medium through which the power is transmitted.

A component on a compressed air line designed to increase in magnitude the flow by releasing small amounts of compressed air at high velocity through an internal, ring shaped nozzle. This column of air released through the front creates a vacuum behind, t ...

Supported or transported by air.

A device for applying a fine spray by compressed air.

When compressed air is forced through a submerged perforated hose or pipe. Some applications include; ice prevention, reduction of salt intrusion, underwater basting, pneumatic breakwaters and general mixing and agitation

A compressor cooled by atmospheric air circulated around the cylinders or casing.

A component on a compressed air line that provides wide are coverage with a thin sheet of air. Also amplifies compressed air flow, reduces noise. Used in blowing, cooling. Also known as air knife.