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A component made up of a cylinder barrel, end covers, a piston rod, a steel or stainless steel piston. A device which induces action or motion with compressed air being the medium through which the power is transmitted.

One of the 3 possible distances:The max height from the water line to the topmost of a ship,The clearance between the topmost point and a bridge over a river,The max height from the water line to the top of the hatch coamings.

A device for drying compressed air by means of condensation obtained by over-compression or cooling, absorption, adsorption or a combination of the above methods.

The motion of air relative to a body in it.

A component on a compressed air line that provides wide are coverage with a thin sheet of air. Also amplifies compressed air flow, reduces noise. Used in blowing, cooling. Also known as air curtain.

A crack or hole that accidentally admits a gas or lets it escape.

Device that permits passage between regions of differing air pressures, most often used for passage between atmospheric pressure and chambers in which the air is compressed. A typical modern air lock consists of a cylinder of steel plate with airtight doo ...

Is a compact, low mass unit giving smooth, non-vibrating power. Several types include vane, piston, percussion and turbine type motors

A projecting aperture at the end of a tube, pipe etc. serving as an outlet for compressed air. Reduces the demand on the compressor by generating the highest thrust and volume for the lowest possible air consumption.

Indirect heat exchanger designed to transfer heat from combustion gas to the air stream added to the combustion zone.

The total gas pressure (static plus velocity).

A pump which is used to deliver air to the aquarium. The pump pushes air through silicon tubing and to air stones or other aquatic decor. They are also an essential for UGF's (undergravel filters). An air stone is placed in each clear tube. When the air b ...

A receptacle which serves to store compressed air for heavy demands in excess of compressor capacity.

A metal air-tight tank built into a boat to insure flotation even when the boat is swamped.

The forwarding agreement or carrying agreement between shipper and air carrier and is issued only in nonnegotiable form.

A cleat that attaches to the backstay over the cockpit, usually used for hanging a lantern

Large and long-winged seabird of the southern hemisphere capable of long flights. It was believed among seamen that albatrosses embodied the souls of dead sailors, and it was considered unlucky to kill one.

Away from the direction of the wind. Opposite of windward.

To the leeward side (away from the wind).

Alert (pep it up!).