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Technical Terms

1.Registro Italiano NAvale Italian Classification Society.2.Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

The iron ring at the upper end of an anchor, to which the cable is bent.


National Union of Rail, Maritime And Transport Workers


Raster Navigational Chart

On/roll off

Freight ship or ferry with facilities for vehicles to drive on and off (roll-on roll-off); a system of loading and discharging a ship whereby the cargo is driven on and off on ramps. Equipped with large openings at bow and stern and sometimes also in the ...


Cargo which is on wheels, such as truck or trailers, and which can be driven or towed on to a ship.


Read only memory

In general, cordage as it is purchased at the store. When it comes aboard a vessel and is put to use it becomes line.

A lightly powered or unpowered drum intended solely for rope storage

To haul in on a rope, especially a weather-brace.


Remotely operated vehicle

Research and development


1.Russia (flag).2.Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (classification society).3.River Service


(R/T)radio telegraph, telegraphy, telephone

Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services


Sierra - S = signal letter and flag. Morse = ( . . . )Flag= White background with central blue square.When hoisted singly from a ship it means : "Engine going full astern."



Short tons (2,000 lbs.).