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Sierra - S = signal letter and flag. Morse = ( . . . )Flag= White background with central blue square.When hoisted singly from a ship it means : "Engine going full astern."



Short tons (2,000 lbs.).


To sag to leeward, is to drift off bodily to leeward.

The cry used when a sail is first discovered at sea.


Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue radar Transponder


1.Annual Special Survey or Hull.2.Safety At Sea


Safe Berth. Broker and chartering term meaning that the ship cannot be in danger hen berthed. If grounding is often a cause of the un-safety of the berth, urrent, weak mooring, and many other dangers can render a berth unsafe.


1.Safehull Bridge System.2.Segregated Ballast Tank. (MARPOL)Tank used exclusively for water ballast but which can be pumped through cargo pumps under certain conditions

Special Compensation P&I Clause


Special Casualty Representative (P&I)

A small, triangular iron instrument, with a handle fitted to its centre, and used for scraping decks and masts.


Summer dead weight

Sea-barge, a barge carrier design similar to "LASH" but which uses rollers to move the barges aboard the ship; the self-propelled loaded barges are themselves loaded on board as cargo and are considerably larger than those loaded on LASH ships.


Shipping Ethics Board. Project for a better overview of the shipping issues by the seafarers.

The fastenings of ropes that are seized together.

System Electronic Navigational Chart


1.Satellite Earth Station2.Seafarers' Education Service