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Sea Words

A place suitable for anchoring.

Components subordinate to the compressor.

A mechanical barometer used to measure air pressure for warnings of changing weather.

The angle between the sail and the apparent wind or the rudder or centerline and the water flow.

In navigation, the smaller angle at which two position lines on a chart intersect. The fix will be more reliable as the angle approaches 90

The number of degrees of list a vessel has. The first indication that a vessel may need to reef is when there is too great an angle of heel.

devoid of water.

A negatively charged ion.

The amount by which magnetic variation changes up or down each year in a particular area. The annual increase or decrease is printed in the compass roses on each chart and may make a significant difference over a number of years.

Atmosphere normale de reference. The term ANR is not usually applied to cfm, it is the new European replacement for FAD and usually follows the metric measurement of air flow, such as Cu Meters per Minute

The outer layer on a coalescing filter that prevents separated liquids from re-entering the air stream. Also known as anti re-entrainment barrier.

A tariff imposed to discourage sale of foreign goods, subsidized to sell at low prices detrimental to local manufacturers.

A pair of additional backstays temporarily rigged to provide extra support to the masts of square rigged vessels when sailing downwind.

Sometimes called a pulsation damper this is a small receiver fitted on the inlet or discharge of a reciprocating compressor. The device is designed to remove the resonance from the compressor thereby reducing noise.

Area of high barometric pressure where the wind circulates clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. These are fair weather systems with light or moderate winds.

A paint applied to the boat's bottom below the waterline which contains "poisons", such as copper, to inhibit the growth of marine life such as weeds or barnacles.

Usually refers to a rating that applies to an article regardless of size or quantity.

Air pressure

Said of an anchor when the cable is taut and vertical.