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A term used by the London Stock Exchange to denote that certain conditions were agreed between the.

A term used by value investors to describe the issue of shares in a company at a price below the per.

An exchange of products or services between individuals without the involvement of.

The main industrial non-ferrous metals excluding precious metals and minor metals. These are.

A tariff term referring to ocean rate less accessorial charges, or simply the base tariff rate.

A mortgage in which the rate of interest paid by the borrower follows movements in the base.

See: 'State.

The main rate of income tax in the UK, which for the year 2002-2003 is 22%. The rate is applied.

A term used in conjunction with policies such as low cost endowment assurance and low start.

The difference between the price of a futures contract and the spot or cash price. The item being.

Usually one hundredth of a percentage point used in quoting movements in interest rates of yields on.

A contract or other instrument for the purchase or sale of a group of shares or currencies, all.

Committee set up by the Bank of International Settlements and based in Basle. It drew up.

An investor who believes share prices are going to fall. He therefore sells shares, sometimes.

The purchase of a call with a high strike price against the sale of a call with a lower strike.

A takeover bid which is so generous to the shareholders of the target company that the directors.

A market in which sellers outnumber buyers and where the trend of share prices is consequently a.

The purchase of a put with a high strike price against the sale of a put with a lower strike price.

A strategy in options trading in which an option is purchased at an exercise price above that of the.