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A computer based trading system operating in futures markets incorporating the features of open.

(ATM)Also known as cash dispenser. A computerised self service machine allowing the holder of an ATM.

A term used by the London Stock Exchange to denote a trade generated by the system through automatic.

Using previous data to predict future.

The process by which a third party, usually a bank guarantees the undertaking of the drawee to meet their responsibility under a Bill of Exchange. The words "Per Aval" and the signature of the avalizing (guarantor) party must be written on the Bill. ...

(ADX)Measures whether a market is in a trending mode and suitable for a trending following system. ADX is.

A term used by the London Stock Exchange to denote that a transaction was effected at a price based.

An envelope consisting of support and resistance lines of the average true price range, calculated.

The purchase of additional shares in a company when the price has fallen.

Children's bonus bonds, often nicknamed baby bonds, are friendly society policies allowing tax-free.

A charge imposed when investors redeem (sell) shares in mutual funds, which has the effect of.

Brokerage house administrative operations that support the trading of stocks and other securities..

Taxes that have not been paid on the due date or were underreported either by accident or by.

The combination of a life assurance policy and an annuity on the same life the purpose of which.

A situation where an investment organisation, such as an investment trust, deposits sterling with a.

A delta-neutral spread composed of more long options than short options on the same underlying.

Uses a large historical price database to evaluate a trading system's.

In the futures market the price of a contract for future delivery of a commodity usually trades.

Bankers Automated Clearing Services BACS is an APACS clearing company which provides an automated clearing service for payments.

(BOP)A country's financial position, with other countries of the world, which is made up of its.