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Financial Terms

Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers An association formed in 1990 to represent the interests of stockbroking and investment.

The Importer who applies to an issuing bank for a Letter of Credit, or a Guarantee/Bond

A pension plan in which employer and employee pay full rate National Insurance contributions.

Any bank, stockyard, warehouse, depository or other facility that is authorised by an exchange for.

An investment trust which satisfies certain conditions set by the tax authorities and accordingly.

A list of investments in which a financial institution such as a mutual fund is authorised to.

The simultaneous purchase and sale of two different, but closely related, securities to take.

A person or firm carrying out.

The correct term for what most people call the 'average'. Often shortened to.

A contrary indicator moving in the opposite direction of the market and useful in spotting short.

The amount of interest due on bonds and dividends due on cumulative preferred stock but as yet.

The document which lists the regulations that govern the running of a company. Articles of.

In the US, the document which the founders of a corporation submit to the relevant state for.

(APAC)Advises on matters involving international capital markets and the views and concerns of the.


The lowest price at which a dealer or market maker will sell a.

The testing of a metal to determine its degree of purity or to establish the constituents of an.

The process of deciding how to apportion investment capital between the various possible asset.

An investment strategy which seeks to identify companies whose net assets per share are worth.

The practice of acquiring a company, then selling parts of it, in the hope that the cash realised.

The ratio of annual sales divided by net assets employed in the.