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(ARM)In the US, a mortgage in which the interest rate is liable to change over the term of the loan and.

(ARPS)Preferred stock which pays a dividend in line with interest rates generally rather than a fixed.

If a company's earnings figures are distorted either positively or negatively by exceptional one-off.

In the US, a person's income on which federal income tax is calculated. This is gross income less.

A company which is in severe trouble, but still with some hope of recovery, may be put into the. – As used in international conventions, the government of the state whose flag the ship is flying.

An insolvency practitioner appointed when a company goes into receivership. If a company is.

An individual legally appointed by a court to settle the affairs of a deceased person who failed to.

(ACT)Tax payable by companies on dividend payments up to 5th April 1999 which was offset against the.

A guarantee issued by a bank, on behalf of a seller to a buyer, in relation to any advance payment that is made by the buyer to the seller to allow the contract to commence. If the contract is not completed the buyer can claim reimbursement of the advance ...

A bank operating in the seller's country, that handles letters of credit in behalf of a foreign bank.

A broker who not only deals in stocks and shares on behalf of his client, but also advises on.

The Swedish equivalent of the Footsie.

A written statement signed on oath and witnessed by a commissioner for oaths, usually a qualified.

Credit cards branded with the name of a charity or trade union. Often give a small donation to the.

A new disease that is sweeping modern Britain, thanks to business success, inheritance, rising.

Dealings made on a stock exchange after its official closure time. These deals are rolled over and.

A term used on occasions in life assurance policy documents, which indicates that the assured has.

An additional personal allowance and additional married couple's allowance for people aged 65 to 74.

A business operated by an agent in conjunction with his/her.

In the US, these are securities issued by federal government.