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Financial Terms

A person appointed by a principal to act on the latter's behalf in.

A deduction of either 50% or 100% which is made from the value of land in the UK, Channel Islands or.

Money paid to a divorced or separated spouse pursuant to a divorce.

A order to a broker to buy or sell the entire amount of the order in one transaction or not deal at.

See: 'all or.

When one listed company bids for another company (listed or private), and offers to pay in three.

A formal notification to the writer of an option from a clearing house that an option has been.

The distribution of shares to applicants in a new issue. Applicants may get all the shares they.

A confirming document from a company that newly issued shares have been allotted to an.

Expenses incurred by a person whilst carrying out duties at work, which are 'approved' by the tax.

Tax allowances are concessions by the Inland Revenue which can be used to reduce a person's.

The relationship which the return on a stock has with the return on the market as a whole, often.

A term previously given to the most actively traded shares on the London Stock Exchange along with.

Investment in items other than stocks, bonds or other securities. Wine, art, antiques are.

(AIM)A market for small, young and growing companies operated by the London Stock Exchange as a.

(AMT)A tax which targets high wealth individuals to pay a minimum amount of tax. The tax is calculated.

A change in the terms to a Letter of Credit that is already issued. Such changes can only be made with the agreement of all parties to the Letter of Credit.

(AAII)An association based in Chicago whose purpose is to provide information and education regarding.

(ADR)American depositary receipts are a convenient way for Americans to own shares in foreign.

An international company whose services include travel and financial products and which is probably.