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Where an option is neither sold nor exercised but allowed to lapse at.

Generally in law, the voluntary relinquishing of all rights, title or possession of property.

Refers to the commitment by an Importer, evidenced by their accepting a Bill of Exchange drawn on them by an Exporter, to pay for goods at a fixed date in the future.

The writing of the word 'accepted' on the face of a bill of exchange by the drawee together with.

A Letter of Credit which includes a term bill of exchange in its required documentation. The bill will be accepted by the bank on which it is drawn, usually the issuing or advising bank, and the proceeds paid to the beneficiary at maturity.

An organisation, usually a merchant bank, which accepts or guarantees bills of.

A former credit card system which was sold to Mastercard and.

Insurance which pays benefits in the event of an accident. Items typically covered are medical.

Insurance which pays a lump sum in the event of death of the insured being caused by an.

(AMPS)In the US, this system provides access to information helpful to the NYSE staff in managing.

Also 'account payee only'. Words written on the face of a cheque between two parallel diagonal.

A statement by a commodity broker to a client when a futures transaction is closed out. Sometimes.

The date to which accounts are made up for a company. When a company is incorporated, it will.

(ASB)UK body that sets accounting standards. A subsidiary body of the Financial Reporting.

Amounts owed by an organisation or individual to another for goods or services it has.

Amounts due to an organisation or individual from another for goods or services it has.

A term used in company accounts where income is due or a cost is incurred during an accounting.

The rate of build-up of a pension in a scheme where the calculation is based on salary. The accrual.

Benefits earned by an employee in respect of his/her pension based on years of service with his/her.

A dividend which is due to holders of cumulative preference shares but which has not yet been paid. .